sexta-feira, março 08, 2013

Ladies in my life


I could start by posting a lot of lyrics, some kitsch, some corny like You're are the wind beneath my wings or For every dream you made come true... But instead I decided that if we have gender propaganda for one day we better go along with for it means years of struggle to bring the border between both majority genders more and more thin... And for that I can say that I am (a lot of me) every woman that has ever been by my side.
To all the Ladies in my life, and this time I really mean Ladies as in WOMAN (which I could play around with the word and turn all of them into WO(W!)MENS) I am what I am because many of you shaped the way I think and feel towards the world. In each and every one you I see empowerment and a fierce attitude facing the world we live in. You're recipients of such inner strength that sometimes I really feel like all of you could change the world in an instant... or at least the many that surround me.
Throughout my life I've came across many talented and inspiring women that I only wish I had 1% of all that makes them such wonderful human beings, and along with them many of the women that have thought society in more general terms or written wonderful stories about Love, Politics, and Humanity against all odds. 
Many are still the places in the world where Women don't have the rights to be proper individuals within their society, and for those women carrying a coloured flag, a sign, an icon, and having an international day makes all the sense.
Although it never crossed my mind becoming one of them (which a whole different and at the same time important issue which I consider and have the most respect for*) I've always wished for an utopian society where gender wouldn't be identifiable for what you were wearing or how you were supposed to behave. It's not because you wear a skirt, or look sexy as hell (as ALL of the ones that I've came across DO LOOK), or any fit into any of the standards of female beauty that you are more of a Woman. It's because all of You (which I'm thinking right now) are what you are and push boundaries further everyday... I only wish every man on the earth could and allowed himself to be surrounded by such immense beauty and inspiration... and hell, enough is enough! 

Love you all!

*Waking up and seeing that you are the woman you've always wanted to be is a really great feeling. - Our Lady J

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