sexta-feira, março 01, 2013

on Other Forms of Distance

Link distance is not the only form of conceptual distance useful for Social Network Analysis. In this section, we examine two other forms of conceptual distance: activity-similarity distance and cultural distance. We show how insight into a network can be obtained by studying the statistical relationship between link distance and other forms of distance.

taken from Journal of Social Structure | Conceptual Distance in Social Network Analysis by Anthony Dekker, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia

Abstract: In this paper we present an approach to Social Network Analysis, based on statistical analysis of conceptual distance between people. In particular, we introduce the concept of valued centrality and a generalisation of geodesic distance which we call link distance. We examine a number of benefits of the link distance concept, including ease of visualisation and applicability of common statistical methods. Using a case study, we demonstrate how examining the statistical relationships between link distance and other forms of conceptual distance can offer insights into the nature of communication within an organisation. Thus an integration of the graph-theoretic techniques traditional in Social Network Analysis, and the statistical techniques traditional in other Social Sciences, leads to a combined technique which integrates the strengths of both approaches.

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