sábado, março 30, 2013

sleeping beauty

After the Artist being present and ready to look you in the eyes, like Marina Abramović performed at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York now was the time for Tilda Swinton perform her performance piece at the same museum. The piece "The Maybe", done first in collaboration with artist Cornelia Parker in 1995 (performed at the Serpentine Gallery in London) is a durational performance of a contemporary sleeping beauty. Some call watch it as one of the toughest roles the actress has to play because it directly changes her bio rhythm, others may see it as a post-pop-modern art piece where stardom is brought to the level of Contemporary Art and iconic figures such as Marina and Tilda (like many others, James Franco, for instance) feed this hype around "What is Art...?" and where are its limits... 

This post is not to question the importance of the piece itself artistically but, rather than that, is to go back to one of the main subjects referred by Marina while performing "The Artist is Present" back on 2010 and that relates with time and the idea of extending the notion of time itself both for the artist and the spectator. It's not an invisible performance and the spectator is invited to watch the process of someone trying to be asleep inside a glass box for eight consecutive hours, transforming the art object - the body, the human being - into a subject of scrutinization as a symbol of the time we lack to apply that same care regarding our own behaviour, and changes of how we react given different circumstances.

The curiosity is something that is inherent to human nature, many were the ones questioning the fact that Michael Jackson slept in an oxygen chamber... Maybe now would be the perfect time to perform it live.

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