segunda-feira, abril 01, 2013


Now you if you don't have an iOS device you probably haven't been caught in the latest addiction of sharing data the fastest way possible. Vine is a platform built by the same team that "shortened" up status and introduce the world to a whole system of hash-tagging that allows us to immediately search for our favorite topics and keep track of them. Vine is what we can call a fast video tweet.
6 seconds of moving image and sound.
Some wonder about its power on getting ahead of people's now settled habit of answering to Facebook's concerns about "your well being" or "what are you doing at a specific moment"... (Wouldn't it be better if Facebook threw questions like "Who is standing next to you? Ask him/her?" or something that would engage people into more human actions, rather than just answering to an AI.)
The fact is that the internet has paced up the world real time. We no longer watch videos at their full length (or many of us don't), we skip ahead and give to our brains the information that we've actually saw that piece of information. We index main urls in our heads - when we don't bookmark them - so we feel that we'll later go back to that and read it carefully or get to know it better. Which probably we don't.
6 seconds is all we need to post a catchy, hype and trendy video on the internet and let others watch. At the same velocity that GIF's became (again) a trend, Vine is coming to stay and to conquer the world not only as a social network platform but actually re-defining video art it self.
Unfortunately like "some" say, not having an iOS device is like living underneath a rock... so at this point I'm living in the past.

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