quarta-feira, maio 29, 2013

spatial montage

“In general, spatial montage would involve a number of images, potentially of different sizes and proportions, appearing on the screen at the same time. This by itself of course does not result in montage; it up to the filmmaker to construct a logic which drives which images appear together, when they appear and what kind of relationships they enter with each other.”
(Section “Spatial Montage” in The Language of New Media). -- Lev Manovich


segunda-feira, maio 27, 2013

light pen poem . silvestre pestana

LIGHT-PEN-POEM Performance . Torres Vedras (Portugal) 1985

As sociedades tecno-industriais ao desencadearem os processos de aperfeiçoamento continuados e ao impulsionarem o aceleramento dos processos produtivos, criaram uma dialéctica de expansão informacional vertiginosamente entrópica, em que a riqueza é sinónimo de acesso a informação, e a informação é equivalente a quantificação de tecnologias corporizadas.
Neste contexto, as forças sociais não tecnologificadas, estão imediatamente submersas e dependentes do seu usurpador tecno-volitivo, e irreversivelmente subjugadas a uma proletarização acelerada e depauperação em cadeia.
... Fazem-se experiências atómicas nas periferias dos impérios, exportam-se pré-fabricadas, encurralam-se os adolescentes nos intermináveis corredores das escolas/cadeias, e glorifica-se as mini-guerras como apoteóses olímpicas e viris, da era espacial... 
(3º texto para sintetizador de voz I)
Silvestre Pestana in "Poemografias - Perspectivas da Poesia Visual Portuguesa" Ed. Ulmeiro (1985)

quinta-feira, maio 23, 2013

say it: JIF (R)

Has any file format received more attention, more accolades (or had more fun) than the GIF?

“Horror stories about incompatible microcomputers may be humorous when everyone is in a good mood, but they are certainly the nemesis of any serious computer user. The frustration is no laughing matter when a person wants to transfer some data or a graphics image, and the system doesn’t cooperate.”

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domingo, maio 19, 2013

where do you fit?

"I'm so queer I'm not even gay"... -- Penny Arcade
in The Girl Who Knew Too Much (Porto, Maus Hábitos - Loose Holes Festival)

sábado, maio 11, 2013

Hysterical Literature by Clayton Cubitt

Hysterical Literature by Clayton Cubitt

A viral video art series exploring mind/body dualism, distraction portraiture, and the contrast between culture and sexuality.

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domingo, maio 05, 2013

personal note on UI[U]U

Yesterday's afternoon (May 4) a window was "open" to CultureHub's studio in NYC, thanks to the help of futureplaces that so kindly accepted to be part of this collaboration and turn UI[U]U part of an ongoing program of the futureplaces Festival in Porto, Portugal.
Thanks to the presence not only of the people involved in the making of this projects on both sides, but also to a group of very curious and fun people that decided to join the game and make part of an infinite quest to try and answer this year's theme of IDEAS CITY Festival (promoted by the New Museum) that was UNTAPPED CAPITAL.
At the very end of the four hour connection between the two cities the game hadn't yet completed the first circle of the spiral that was the board design for this project. "Together we did almost a circle..." someone said on our side... And, from several comments that kept on going after the window was opened to the square in front and no internet connection was needed anymore, the important thing was that it was all about the togetherness that kept on growing throughout the game...
A togetherness that can in fact be on of the answers to the Festival's theme. A lot was left to explore in this journey that would probably take weeks to reach the white infinity that was printed on the board. 
A transmedia installation that was a collaborative story telling of personal stories by the participants that often engaged in other people's answers, while sometimes a curiosity about what question/task would come next took place, setting a pace to the game that was followed by Filipe Lopes sound work that interfered with the installation drawing different moods and ambiances according to the moments or answers given.
An experiment that took inspiration from several sources and that could be seen in different parts of the event, but mainly the idea of a piece that is probably uncategorizable that feeds itself from what the participants have to give and their way of engaging into conversations with "strangers" that come together to share the same experience.

sábado, maio 04, 2013

On Queer

Queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant. There is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers. It is an identity without an essence. ‘Queer’ then, demarcates not a positivity but a positionality vis-à-vis the normative.
- David Halperin

sexta-feira, maio 03, 2013

>>> mass production

There is the revival of the Gesamtkunstwerk which is supposed to be the apotheosis of art as a form of life but actually proves to be the apotheosis of some strong artistic egos or the apotheosis of a kind of hyperactivist consumerism, if not both at the same time. There is the idea of a “hybridisation” of the means of art , which would fit in with a new age of mass individualism viewed of as an age of relentless exchange between roles and identities, between reality and virtuality , life and mechanical prostheses, etc. In my view, this second interpretation ultimately leads to the same as the first one. It leads to another kind of hyperactivist consumerism, another kind of stultification , using the crossing of the borders or the confusion of the roles only as a means of increasing the power of the performance without questioning its grounds.

“Things We Are Supposed to Know.”

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