domingo, maio 05, 2013

personal note on UI[U]U

Yesterday's afternoon (May 4) a window was "open" to CultureHub's studio in NYC, thanks to the help of futureplaces that so kindly accepted to be part of this collaboration and turn UI[U]U part of an ongoing program of the futureplaces Festival in Porto, Portugal.
Thanks to the presence not only of the people involved in the making of this projects on both sides, but also to a group of very curious and fun people that decided to join the game and make part of an infinite quest to try and answer this year's theme of IDEAS CITY Festival (promoted by the New Museum) that was UNTAPPED CAPITAL.
At the very end of the four hour connection between the two cities the game hadn't yet completed the first circle of the spiral that was the board design for this project. "Together we did almost a circle..." someone said on our side... And, from several comments that kept on going after the window was opened to the square in front and no internet connection was needed anymore, the important thing was that it was all about the togetherness that kept on growing throughout the game...
A togetherness that can in fact be on of the answers to the Festival's theme. A lot was left to explore in this journey that would probably take weeks to reach the white infinity that was printed on the board. 
A transmedia installation that was a collaborative story telling of personal stories by the participants that often engaged in other people's answers, while sometimes a curiosity about what question/task would come next took place, setting a pace to the game that was followed by Filipe Lopes sound work that interfered with the installation drawing different moods and ambiances according to the moments or answers given.
An experiment that took inspiration from several sources and that could be seen in different parts of the event, but mainly the idea of a piece that is probably uncategorizable that feeds itself from what the participants have to give and their way of engaging into conversations with "strangers" that come together to share the same experience.

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