sábado, junho 22, 2013

Do we still engage?

Do we still engage with Sartre? Do we still read Derrida? Do
they speak to us? Does Heidegger speak to us? Does Husserl? Is
Hegel still critical to our thinking? Does anyone read Sartre?
Does anyone think through Derrida? Do we think we've absorbed
Badiou? Is Badiou important? Is Shestov? Is philosophy dead or
dying? Is thinking philosophically still important? Does anyone
read Plotinus? Does St Augustine speak to us? Is Descartes
necessary? Have we absorbed Spinoza? Are we the better for
Kristeva? Is Butler still relevant? Is Russell? Have we absorbed
Wittgenstein? Do we still engage with Reichenbach? Is Latour
still important? Have we gone beyond Carnap? Is Peirce relevant?
Does anyone read James? Have we buried Marx? Does anyone think
through Freud? Is Arendt still necessary? Are we still inspired
by Jung? Do we relate to Plato? Is our world Aristotelian? Is
Nietzsche still necessary? Has philosophy disappeared? Have
people read Thom? Has Mill disappeared? Is Confucius
fundamental? Do we still grapple with Hobbes? Is Kant still an
inspiration? Are there answers to questions? Do we still learn
from Kierkegaard? Is Lacan still read? Does Maimonides speak to
us? Have we abandoned Fanon? Does anyone think through Kofman?
Is there any reason to consider Hui Shi? Has Zhuangzi turned the
world upside down? Does Parmenides offer solace? Does anyone
read Goodman any more? Do we still engage with Bachelard? Is
Balibar important? Is philosophy important? Do we consider West?
Is Ranciere dead? Does Althusser still speak to us? Is the
thought of Merleau-Ponty important to anyone? Is there anything
to learn anymore from philosophy? Do we still read Trotsky? Is
Grene still relevant? Have we absorbed Cassirer? Is philosophy
of science science? Is philosophy of science necessary? Do we
still read Langer? Is thought important? Is untethered thought
necessary? Is philosophy tethered? Are we engaged with de
Beauvoir? Do we remember Deleuze? Do we consider Guattari? Do
Deleuze and Guattari offer solace? Is there any value in reading
Lyotard? Have we forgotten Kripke? Have we ever comprehended
Baudrillard? Is there any point to philosophy? Does philosophy
worsen us? Is it necessary to think philosophically? Is it
relevant to abandon philosophy? Have we taken Lao Tzu to heart?
Are we trusting Agamben? Have we forgotten Schopenhauer? Do we
still read Schelling critically? Is Heraclitus still inspiring?
Can our lives be guided by Pascal? Are we informed by Whitehead?
Do we comprehend the depth of any thought? Do we take thought to
heart? Do we still engage with Lucretius? Do we still read
Irigaray? How do we know?

Alan Sondheim

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