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'a timely public resource'

Courtesy New Museum, New York.

"By opening this up to the public, we’re saying, 'This is the great effort entailed in preserving this history,'" he said. "We’re not talking about stone tablets anymore."

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Nobody wins!


and, you know what?! nobody wins!

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teleimagistic performances | random thoughts

"Our teleimagistic global collage, forever in movement, is composed of fragments ripped from their contexts, their serrated boundaries advancing and receding in an unending deadly dance with their neighbours, their imbricated times violently clashing, diverging -- only to collide again."
Victor Burgin, In/different spaces

Water-Wheel(.net) looks, at first sight, a playground for hi-tech grown people to play with. But as we may have been accustomed from a long time now these types of playgrounds have no restrictions according to age, or in fact to any kind of human specificity. Everyone is invited to play.
The project focuses on the concept of water (read more about the project and how to be a part of it here)
Establishing a parallel between the online experience of WW and one of Victor Burgin's description of "Parallel Spaces" the way users were actually 'playing' with their virtual presence within a white canvas under the idea of 'keeping their bodies in contact' set in motion a series of real time compositions, re-defining the space and the idea itself of 'body contact' creating different perceptions of what a the bodies were in fact and becoming duos, trios and even one element where all the bodies were subject to a percentage of transparency allowing intersections in between.
Although WW focuses on a very specific subject, it's use can be dedicated to study all sorts of different aspects of the world becoming one constellation, or dependently of wills and inclinations, different constellations will emerge out of spaces like this one, spaces that provide the possibility of live-networked performances by actually creating an ongoing collaborative collage of bodies moving through space, manipulating objects, experimenting the sensation of creating in the virtual space, for the virtual space, and within the virtual space.

The virtual space often comes as a new territory for exploration for it comes always as something new and unique, what we could even define as 'pure white', where music like in many other formats has already found its place for being such an essential necessity and because it resonates as almost no other language (except for colors, I would say). That being said, this new territory will always be new because it disappears much faster that the physical one. We can go to a theater venue, or any other physical venue, and our body has a memory of that place, because we've experienced it in many other situations, the screen or the projections surface is something that connects through electricity and like tv it captures our attention, and the more accurate the project is intended for that medium, or the medium itself is used to contaminate the work we experience it as it is being presented, once it's off, we have a visual memory of it, we can access it if that right is granted, we no longer will visit that same 'space' because it no longer exists, it becomes a moment without space back to its own nature, empty of meaning unless we build and/or develop something for it.
We feel present in the space whilst it's ON, we're always present because we leave an amount of data that still exists activated even if we don't act upon it, nevertheless the "virtual space" can be different and thefore more 'free' than the physical space because it comes to live over and over again, in contrast to any gallery or venue that awaits for its reconfiguration, yet we carry the memory of atmospheres and sensations the belong to the space.

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In the span of 5 months, Goldsmith received over 20,000 submissions from around the world. The exhibition, in which volunteers will read the contents of the display, opens on July 26th at 6pm and will run through August 30, 2013.

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explore the symptoms

There's a void. A moment where the symptoms are symptomatic.
There's a void. An empty space filled with possibilities.
The story starts before it's even born, and just at the moment where it directs to death.
There's a turn.
There's a symptom latent. present. it's no longer there. it stretches, widens, closes.
There's a turn.
There's a path. A journey, a constant reconfiguration.
Pigeons do it naturally. So do we.
There's a void filled with symptoms.
There's a symptomatic atmosphere where emptiness is a crowded place.
Just. Just. USTJ. Us J T. Us. J. T. Tusj. tusj. Tu's J. T.S.U.J
There's a void. There's a. The. turn. 's a symptom latent. turn. stay.
There's a rhythm that dances alone. Moving at an interstitial place.
The place that assures.
That assures that symptoms are the symptomatic sphere of themselves.
They stay. Stay. Us. We. Move. Stop.
The internal information flows constantly, it's there. Stop. Go.

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Through exhaustion comes animality. Each one's animality. The unnamed animality.

A monitored and limited exhaustion which is the path for that animality slightly emerge, like an almost invisible rash, that roots in the deepest layer of our exterior shell.

The mind finds unusual senses and constantly, rhythmically, seeks for scores, beats, a transcription of the "infinitesimal within" (Artaud) in the unqualified infinity of volatile information instantly misrepresented, transformed, subject to metamorphosis, a constant modification of the word, a conscious becoming of something else.

Constantly an u n e x p l a i n a b l e annulment, that comes from the first moment of judgment - continuously present - and conflicts with the nonexistent will of action on its behalf, in order to achieve exertion...

exerting, here, the «spoken» word, a slight glimpse of, controlled, exertion.

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From 14th to 42nd St...


“You lost all interest in this world. You were disappointed and discouraged, and lost interest in everything. So you abandoned your physical body. You went to a world apart and you’re living a different kind of life there. In a world that’s inside you.”
— Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

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learning moments: #ideophones

The linguistic culture of Quechua-speaking Runa privileges the use of ideophones [words that are vivid representations of ideas, sensations or impressions through their sound]. Through ideophones, Runa enact a sentiment of shared animateness that aligns them with the nonhuman life-world. Sound is the perfect medium for the expression of this alignment because sound is possible only when there is movement, and movement of any kind is the prototypical criterion for animateness.

Janis B. Nuckolls (in Language in Nature in Sound Alligment, in Hearing Cultures. Essays on Sound, Listening and Modernity, 2004)


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constantly breathing

To GIF: to capture a moment on an endless loop.

breathing - 2013 (Daniel Pinheiro)
The animated GIF is a Brechtian medium not only in the distancing effects of image compression, but also in that the repetition of a single gesture ad infinitum constitutes a sort of gestus—a symbolic moment that is amplified in context to represent a whole paradigm of existence. Brecht believed that art “is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it”—and it is in the attempt to imagine a micromodular, low-cultural political theatre that this series has been curated.

Jesse Darling for Rhizome.org

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news of today 17072013

Photo - Heitor Alvelos (here)

Today marks the opening of XFR STN, an exhibition collaboration between Rhizome and the New Museum that takes the form of a publicly-accessible media conservation center. Artists are invited to transfer materials from a variety of media formats for conservation; appointments may be requested online.

Uranus tends to be more potent and more Uranian when retrograde.

+ A preview: 
As previously reported, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver produced the upcoming album from the Blind Boys of Alabama, the gospel group running since the late 1930s. I'll Find a Way is out October 1 via Sony Masterworks, and it features Vernon and the Boys covering Bob Dylan's "Every Grain of Sand".

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"that is precisely what we do not know"

And precisely what is consciousness?
That is precisely what we do not know.
It is nothingness.
A nothingness
that we use
to indicate
when we do not know something
from what side
we do not know it
and so
we say
from the side of consciousness,
but there are a hundred thousand other sides.
in, To Have Done with the Judgement of God (a radio play by Antonin Artaud, 1947)

artworks @ m e t a v e r s e

Celeste Cerqueira and Silvestre Pestana (PT) present the curatorship of "intermundos@metaverso", which is composed by the following projects: "Bienal Virtual" inscribed within the artistic dynamics developed by avatars at the metaverse platform of SecondLife; and Digital Arts Public Gallery which has as its main goal to value and materialize artistic projects within the fields of technological and digital arts. 

The project "Bienal Virtual", which can be accessed at the space of V5 Foundation (Angel Isles, 186, 200, 22) - at Second Life, consists of a dynamic approach of current artistic practices developed for online virtual spheres. In this project the aim is to value an emergent artistic production promoted through virtual communities by their new aesthetics propositions which widens the traditional means and channels of artistic production, distribution and fruition of the art work. At the same time, with this project is the beginning of a continuous endeavor of disclosure of digital art works made by and for resident avatars.

sound art

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the dream [that] will never die

"The Dream will never die. It is more powerful than fear or violence. It can never be swindled away or destroyed. It is one of Love, and therefore timeless." - Nikkolas Smith

2013. And we still believe in colors as a way of differentiating individuals. That amongst other things are still taken into consideration when the time comes to make justice.  As Nikkolas Smith says The Dream will never die, but we can always be sure that there are people out there to tear it down, to make it impossible to become true for whenever we believe any kind of prejudice against other of the same kind is over something happens to prove that the system still relies in the same old formats of thinking to make sure that superiority is not of the human race, but those in it that make the rules. The rest of us will timeless and endless devote our efforts to make everything more free, to abolish all the labels that for any reason stop humans from having their own regular lifes even if they're different from the rest. But more absurd than that is that it is in fact a minority that believes in the rules, a minority that makes the majority believe that they are strong, by inducing fear...

Let's just hope that the dream will never in fact be swindled away or destroyed because that is the dream that stops the streets, that blocks traffic, that makes the world notice what's wrong even if there are a few, the few that run everything that try to break it down with their outrageous measures of establishing normality in a world that is what it is because of it's own diversity. 

webcam your feelings

Crying Webcam Tears
Screenshot of WebCam Tears
CHICAGO — I cry, you cry, we fuck each others’ feelings, we broke up, we…
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bodies without organs: a formula to freedom

For you can tie me up if you wish,
but there is nothing more useless than an organ.
When you will have him a body without organs,
then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions
and restored him to his true freedom 
-- To Have Done with the Judgment of God, Antonin Artaud

The body without organs is one of Artaud’s most famous and impalpable concepts. Fraught with paradox and inconsistency, it is most popularly cited in one Artaud’s final works To Have Done with the Judgment of God. In Judgment, Artaud condemns organs as “marks of a judgment … permanently etched within us.” (Brown, 3). Here the organs, or rather, the organization structure of the human body/being hinders man’s contact to a more infinite reality.

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the process of epiphany or the acceptance of failure

I'm still in between what 2013 has been for me. Or at least the beggining of this year... today ends the first half of the year and coming to this point I've struggled most of the days for a job, and often thinking about quitting what I've put so much effort over the last few years. Surprisingly enough the task of quitting and moving ahead to completetly different style of living was always interrupted by some event that would bring me back to aknowledge that what I wanted to do is in fact what I'm doing. But when I come to the point of being often described as a hybrid in terms of professional work I also find myself thinking about the fragility of that complement and easiness to my being of adaptation, it ought to be something good, but that constant journey through the interstices of multitasking often lead to a feeling of unfinishedness and therefore a frustration of not being able to define what I do, or to know at least what are the tools and knowledge that I still have to absorb in order to continue to travel this foggy road that comes to light at each step you take.
6 months after the beggining, and 6 months to the end of another year I have felt a stranger to myself, without goals or ambitions, just playing along, and fighting against this consumerist feeling that is that I don't want to live without money the rest of my life. It's sad that all has to come down to a point where you put a value to yourself. And then you think that everything could be so easy if only with didn't have the society has we do at this point, that there were in fact jobs that could be hobbies or just give enough stability to keep following the track you were following, and then you find yourself frozen, muted, unable to play.
But you re-think again, and money is not the issue. The issue is you.
And the issue is you. And you 'is' the issue, with or without money.
The process of epiphany is the result of a long process of trying to answer undefined, and rhetoric questions that inhabit your subconscious. The acceptance of failure is when you lower your arms when facing adversities and 'not to act' seems the best choice, not even turning your back, but just ... inertia.
In a moment of inertia when you feel the least prepared to actually be a member of the whole, in that moment, you disconnect, you unplug yourself from whatever it is that powers us up, and epiphany happens as a result of weariness.
2013 has been, so far, the moment of that long process that lead me to exhaustion, a state that unlinked my flesh existence from the rest of my identity. I felt empty, realized that we're all alone, felt betrayed, felt angry, felt disgusted with human race, felt egomaniac to the point where I was the only object of my hate, felt that every choice I had ever taken was in fact the wrong one to take, I blamed my education as a child, I blamed myself above all things for allowing those feelings take over me and triggered a replacement for all of those and that is an emotional blindness, a sensorial dormancy towards myself.
So if money is not the issue. And me, myself and I - IS IN FACT THE PROBLEM, the resolution should be easy: step out of that mood, continue doing what you like and enjoy or FIND SOMETHING ELSE, MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND MOVE ON! should be.
I don't mean to write about how well I've accepted my own failure, towards myself, or how the epiphany of why I'm in the place that I am right now happened - or even what it is in reality, because all of this is just a good title, to a (possibly) hedious contemporary performance art work.
I mean to write this a brainstorm process for all of those that might read this that is why the hell do we still keep moving ahead?! Also I'm not saying that we should all die and end with this endless part of history books, in fact what I'm doing is asking, like often I do in my texts/notes in this blog, that I also have no clue why I keep it.
Maybe I'm in that moment of life where I realize that we don't need nothing or no one else. Or maybe I'm just in that moment of life that I've realized that people are just people and as myself I shouldn't carry them on silver platters or feel towards them more than what I feel about me. Or maybe, this lack of emotions and sensibility are the result of placing so much energy on things that weren't as I thought they should be... Or even, all of this, is just a monologue to talk about where a character that is me of play to played with no rehearsals.
Maybe it's just this:

The acceptance of failure, and this is in fact the epiphany that I had, is larger than one and minor than infinity. It concerns the world, and it's about questioning the processes of 'questioning'. A failure that exists everytime the goal is set to dérive the attention. An acceptance that resides in the fact of considering that - TODAY - the world has to come together and that, that acceptance and the definition of it is due to fail.
My acceptance of failure / or constant ?epiphanazation? comes from a sense that is not reachable and only sensed in the sphere of what is not commonly sensorial.

THIS IS A TEXT FOR NOTHING. D. jun'jul2013 (when the gates open to let the day after start it's ending)