terça-feira, julho 16, 2013

artworks @ m e t a v e r s e

Celeste Cerqueira and Silvestre Pestana (PT) present the curatorship of "intermundos@metaverso", which is composed by the following projects: "Bienal Virtual" inscribed within the artistic dynamics developed by avatars at the metaverse platform of SecondLife; and Digital Arts Public Gallery which has as its main goal to value and materialize artistic projects within the fields of technological and digital arts. 

The project "Bienal Virtual", which can be accessed at the space of V5 Foundation (Angel Isles, 186, 200, 22) - at Second Life, consists of a dynamic approach of current artistic practices developed for online virtual spheres. In this project the aim is to value an emergent artistic production promoted through virtual communities by their new aesthetics propositions which widens the traditional means and channels of artistic production, distribution and fruition of the art work. At the same time, with this project is the beginning of a continuous endeavor of disclosure of digital art works made by and for resident avatars.

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