quinta-feira, julho 25, 2013


Through exhaustion comes animality. Each one's animality. The unnamed animality.

A monitored and limited exhaustion which is the path for that animality slightly emerge, like an almost invisible rash, that roots in the deepest layer of our exterior shell.

The mind finds unusual senses and constantly, rhythmically, seeks for scores, beats, a transcription of the "infinitesimal within" (Artaud) in the unqualified infinity of volatile information instantly misrepresented, transformed, subject to metamorphosis, a constant modification of the word, a conscious becoming of something else.

Constantly an u n e x p l a i n a b l e annulment, that comes from the first moment of judgment - continuously present - and conflicts with the nonexistent will of action on its behalf, in order to achieve exertion...

exerting, here, the «spoken» word, a slight glimpse of, controlled, exertion.

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