sexta-feira, julho 26, 2013

explore the symptoms

There's a void. A moment where the symptoms are symptomatic.
There's a void. An empty space filled with possibilities.
The story starts before it's even born, and just at the moment where it directs to death.
There's a turn.
There's a symptom latent. present. it's no longer there. it stretches, widens, closes.
There's a turn.
There's a path. A journey, a constant reconfiguration.
Pigeons do it naturally. So do we.
There's a void filled with symptoms.
There's a symptomatic atmosphere where emptiness is a crowded place.
Just. Just. USTJ. Us J T. Us. J. T. Tusj. tusj. Tu's J. T.S.U.J
There's a void. There's a. The. turn. 's a symptom latent. turn. stay.
There's a rhythm that dances alone. Moving at an interstitial place.
The place that assures.
That assures that symptoms are the symptomatic sphere of themselves.
They stay. Stay. Us. We. Move. Stop.
The internal information flows constantly, it's there. Stop. Go.

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