terça-feira, julho 30, 2013

teleimagistic performances | random thoughts

"Our teleimagistic global collage, forever in movement, is composed of fragments ripped from their contexts, their serrated boundaries advancing and receding in an unending deadly dance with their neighbours, their imbricated times violently clashing, diverging -- only to collide again."
Victor Burgin, In/different spaces

Water-Wheel(.net) looks, at first sight, a playground for hi-tech grown people to play with. But as we may have been accustomed from a long time now these types of playgrounds have no restrictions according to age, or in fact to any kind of human specificity. Everyone is invited to play.
The project focuses on the concept of water (read more about the project and how to be a part of it here)
Establishing a parallel between the online experience of WW and one of Victor Burgin's description of "Parallel Spaces" the way users were actually 'playing' with their virtual presence within a white canvas under the idea of 'keeping their bodies in contact' set in motion a series of real time compositions, re-defining the space and the idea itself of 'body contact' creating different perceptions of what a the bodies were in fact and becoming duos, trios and even one element where all the bodies were subject to a percentage of transparency allowing intersections in between.
Although WW focuses on a very specific subject, it's use can be dedicated to study all sorts of different aspects of the world becoming one constellation, or dependently of wills and inclinations, different constellations will emerge out of spaces like this one, spaces that provide the possibility of live-networked performances by actually creating an ongoing collaborative collage of bodies moving through space, manipulating objects, experimenting the sensation of creating in the virtual space, for the virtual space, and within the virtual space.

The virtual space often comes as a new territory for exploration for it comes always as something new and unique, what we could even define as 'pure white', where music like in many other formats has already found its place for being such an essential necessity and because it resonates as almost no other language (except for colors, I would say). That being said, this new territory will always be new because it disappears much faster that the physical one. We can go to a theater venue, or any other physical venue, and our body has a memory of that place, because we've experienced it in many other situations, the screen or the projections surface is something that connects through electricity and like tv it captures our attention, and the more accurate the project is intended for that medium, or the medium itself is used to contaminate the work we experience it as it is being presented, once it's off, we have a visual memory of it, we can access it if that right is granted, we no longer will visit that same 'space' because it no longer exists, it becomes a moment without space back to its own nature, empty of meaning unless we build and/or develop something for it.
We feel present in the space whilst it's ON, we're always present because we leave an amount of data that still exists activated even if we don't act upon it, nevertheless the "virtual space" can be different and thefore more 'free' than the physical space because it comes to live over and over again, in contrast to any gallery or venue that awaits for its reconfiguration, yet we carry the memory of atmospheres and sensations the belong to the space.

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