segunda-feira, julho 15, 2013

the dream [that] will never die

"The Dream will never die. It is more powerful than fear or violence. It can never be swindled away or destroyed. It is one of Love, and therefore timeless." - Nikkolas Smith

2013. And we still believe in colors as a way of differentiating individuals. That amongst other things are still taken into consideration when the time comes to make justice.  As Nikkolas Smith says The Dream will never die, but we can always be sure that there are people out there to tear it down, to make it impossible to become true for whenever we believe any kind of prejudice against other of the same kind is over something happens to prove that the system still relies in the same old formats of thinking to make sure that superiority is not of the human race, but those in it that make the rules. The rest of us will timeless and endless devote our efforts to make everything more free, to abolish all the labels that for any reason stop humans from having their own regular lifes even if they're different from the rest. But more absurd than that is that it is in fact a minority that believes in the rules, a minority that makes the majority believe that they are strong, by inducing fear...

Let's just hope that the dream will never in fact be swindled away or destroyed because that is the dream that stops the streets, that blocks traffic, that makes the world notice what's wrong even if there are a few, the few that run everything that try to break it down with their outrageous measures of establishing normality in a world that is what it is because of it's own diversity. 

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