terça-feira, setembro 24, 2013


…mankind is now threatened by self-created and deadly dangers that are growing beyond our  control. Our world is, so to speak, dissociated like a neurotic, with the [Islamic World] marking the symbolic line of division. Western man, becoming aware of the aggressive will to power of the [Middle East], sees himself forced to take extraordinary measures of defense, at the same time he prides himself on his virtues and good intentions. What he fails to see is that it is his own vices, which he has covered up by good international manners, that are thrown back in his face by the [Islamic] world…It is the face of his own evil shadow that grins at Western man from the other side of the [Middle East]. It is this state of affairs that explains the peculiar feeling of helplessness of so many people in Western societies. (Jung, [1964]1968: 73).

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