sexta-feira, novembro 29, 2013

Fernando Pessoa predicting the future of Art's biggest challenge...

'Man should never see himself in a mirror. Nothing could be more terrible. Nature endowed him with the gift of not being able to see his own face, and to not being able to look into his own eyes. Only in the waters of the rivers and the lakes, may he contemplate himself. The posture he had to adopt was very symbolic: He had to kneel down, to bend, to indulge in the ignominy of his own sight.' [Fernando Pessoa - The Book of Disquiet] 
It is impossible to experience this self-portrait without ignominy as well. 
-- By Arie Amaya-Akkermans on "Moving Portraits: Exploring the Potential of Video Art with Uygar Demoğlu" a survey on the boundaries of video art.

Through his creation of heteronyms, Fernando Pessoa affirmed his belief that a man cannot possibly live and fully understand life by being only one person, but that you must lead simultaneous lives to achieve this higher understanding. 
-- Roy Ascott for COST (Arts & Technologies Workshop - CAT - ZAGREB, 2013) elaborating on the concept of Multiple Selves.

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