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maschere senza senso

Baudrillard says that 
"Finally, 'the medium is the message' not only signifies the end of the message, but also the end of the medium. There are no more media in the literal sense of the word (I'm speaking particularly of electronic mass media) - that is, of a mediating power between one reality and another, between one state of the real and another. Neither in content, neither in form. "

The mask:
The masks used by us in everyday situations change according to very sociocultural contexts, situations in which we automatically call upon the shell that will be best recognized by those wearing the same mask, being possible an existence within a group. A recognizable group of individuals that are, before numbers, seen as a group of characteristics that define them as such and consequently giving them a sense of presence, of an individual existence within the group. 
Acknowledging that these masks bare a history of significance, we can also say that those masks are definitions that refer to different significants throughout history. The mask becomes over meaningful and as such empty of any meaning at all, for it is its own ending, in the sense that it means its own end of significance.

We become masks without meaning each one containing a set of different stereotypical 'ghosts', each one of those with a very specific and determined meaning.

By trying to understand the different masks we tend to analyze society in a very structured format, a format that doesn't include unknowns, and therefore, not containing a group of unrecognized characteristics. Between the masks and the real, if in fact there is a single, truthful, existence, there's an emptiness of form and content. This can also lead to the thought that unidentified, unboxed, individuals exist on a layer of translation, of being in fact there difference that translates the significance of other well-known meanings.
By baring the masks we are the medium for a message, a message that is in fact not accurate and an assumption made out of interpretations, often interpretations of those who hold the power and those who don't. The masks are a sign of empowerment and as such, they belong to a imaginary equation that keeps on changing despite the format - although old fashioned and not in consonance to the evolution of the species - being the same and fixed.
We are the masks that the media try to assemble together to pass any kind of message, so those masks can be given any different meaning according to the context they're mentioned, ultimately being themselves empty of any meaning - like an avocado that gets its flavor depending on different seasonings - and they do not stand for a unique truth, but instead they stand as a void full of lies and misunderstandings.

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