terça-feira, janeiro 14, 2014

On the systemic change of cultural memory and digital art conservation

The digital revolution has called into question the very preservation and survival of cultural memory. However, until now there has been almost no reflection on the far-reaching consequences of this systemic change on cultural memory. But we may ask: what fundamental underlying values can a society have which merely disposes of an event-oriented short-term memory? For digital media art this means that the faster technology develops, the shorter the half-life of the artwork becomes. In dealing with digital artworks today, we have to expect major preservation threats to set in already within ten years of their creation. One approach to this problem of digital preservation is to investigate the relation of the material to the conceptual substance of the work. Here it seems that the desperate pragmatism of repairing and stockpiling of obsolete technologies will quickly run dry. A second approach accepts the transience of the artwork as irrevocable, taking for granted the work's short-term nature as linked to a performative practice understood to be inherent to the time-based arts.

Bernhard Serexhe


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