sexta-feira, fevereiro 07, 2014

digital bodies: where to?!

“It is in thought that a movement, with both its qualitative and quantitative aspects, with its fluidity and extension in space and time, becomes a dance”
Report on Stamatia Portanova's book Moving Without a Body, recently published in MIT Press “Technologies of Lived Abstraction” series. 

At the heart of her inquiry is the notion of the abstract: “A way to distinguish the concrete experiences of the physical body from the abstract reality of mental experiences, without erasing their important relation”. All too often, the abstract carries a negative charge of theft or a reduction of experience; Portanova’s gamble is that abstraction can be a generative event, the creation of data flows that “can be used to activate further physical or mental, technical or creative processes”.

Moving Without a Body is an important and original perspective on dancing with digital technologies, and in thinking the potential of the relational ecologies of the digital.

by Alanna Thain for Digitcult

Note to self: Between the lived and the exuded the body remains in a place where its humanity is questioned and it thrives towards an existence that is beyond the perception of the sensorial...

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