quinta-feira, abril 24, 2014

Of coffeehouses and airports

People that look to invisible imagined horizons.
People that talk motionless words.
Return to innocence.
Songs that cover the icy and glassy silence.
Individuals that share their immense solitude.
Waiting for the next step outside.
The real world on the sidewalk.
The world unveiled underneath the clouds.
Electri-city is the entire world.
Digital omnipresence.
Dim lights.
Read, talk, breath, 
Dream, pause, rest.
Deeply submerged and tied to the original seaplants.
Nothing is easy.
Nothing will ever be easy again.
Shattered glass.
Shattered humanity reflected on the mirror.
Unsolved lives that are life itself.
Slow motion jitterbug. 
We don't know how to dance.
Old white hats, blinded sights, unteethed mouths
Hipster chains, gelly lenses, smiled pretensions.
Traveller you bare the world and are doomed
To see humanity entirely. Whole. 

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