quarta-feira, julho 02, 2014

MetaAcademy: working the medium and spreading the message

Lisa Parra & Daniel Pinheiro - Meta Academy @ Bates 2013

"Solano’s projects show how for dance the internet can be, instead of isolated bodies on screens, a platform for discovery, exchange and, most surprisingly, “moving” physical experience." 

As we continue live the tension of permanent and persistent digital surveillance, constantly hovering over us, the use of the technoetic-incorporeal entity towards improving collaboration and broadening of the concept of interaction as a mean for extending our mind and bodies is, not only relevant but, one of the vertices of the social pyramid and of great use for inclusion and sustainability.
Again, it's necessary a continuous re-definition of the concepts and adjustments of the practices that are analogical and as such have the need for human power, potential and creativity to feed and nurture them.
The space of the screen can be easily erased, shut down, reseted... but, while we grow more dependent of it, and while we decide to keep it on, the possible outcomes can continue to prove the path for sharing knowledge and bring to light the human capacity to overcome barriers and transform light and electricity into meaningful connections that celebrate our multiplicity.

"Place–making is the confluence of activities, space, and conceptions" (Canter, 1977)
and this: http://www.immersence.com/osmose/

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