sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2014

on performing the medium... (Notes/drafts)

An alternate operational entity that is spatially distributed but electronically connected. -- "Zombies&Cyborgs" Sterlarc

(...) Studying the dramaturgy of a tele-shared fictional or documentary action, intends the comprehension of an alternative space for action (also understood as performativity) where - as in Sterlarc's words - connectedness is bound in electricity becoming the core of every situation created; from the digital lonesomeness of the individual to the maximum collective reach, including every spectator/agent/user present in the network.

"In “Host Diary”, we use systems of telepresence and telematic control to produce the fiction that there is a space open all day to the arrival of others. In particular, the artwork raises the question through the “permissions” that mediate all hosting relationships. What is the guest allowed to do?"
-- Intact's project for CultureHub's REFEST'14 Art&Technology Festival

The output or product is defined by the medium itself and the agency we can have upon it. The only decision left ranges from fiction to non-fiction. Like in a site-specific production of theater, dance or performance work, the site specific here is the medium itself and everyone can be invited to take part, where all are qualified as fundamental along with the timeless and extended medium/site; that is contiguous across combined architectures and multiple 1's.  (...)

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