segunda-feira, janeiro 19, 2015

infinite parts

Stiff. Hard. Cold
The face closed by the mouth
so it doesn't open
Stumble down. In pieces.

Flashes of memory,
Moving photographs,
of her eyes lingering accross the table,
the laughs,
the patience,
the hands, already cold by then,
would put effort on cherishing my hands.

Looking for salvation in every touch
and ease my own pain in her silent dispair
of love and loving her loved ones.

That's what she waited for
has long as she could.

I face it closed and hard
Do Not Touch / should have a sign written somewhere...
(it is ultimately a piece of art in itself;
every body is, in its last state, a piece of art of lasting...)
I face it, hold on to my father, kiss my aunt,
think about my brother
cry over my mother
convulsion, fear and no thoughts - all in one.

I do not know what it is
I do not want to know what it is
I don't...

go back.
my body is a battle field.

If we represent something
then we represent our own failure,
Our own failure of trying to live.

Let there be robots with no feelings,
Let there be no feelings inside biology,
Let there be no hope inside the human machine,

Let thoughts and avidity disappear.

If we represent something
then we represent our own failure,
our task is incomplete...

Loading. Charging. Waiting,
she kept on waiting. Longing. Caring.

If we represent something
then we represent our own impossibility
of existing.

By representing it
it is needed to overcome it while
trying to achieve it,
completing it,
fulfilling it,
for the eyes will flood for different reasons.

I will miss every moment i forgot to know better,
feel better,
slow better,
look in the eyes of another soul
that is a mirror of my own and that turned black...

for I can no longer see an infinite part of me.

Let us connect and dig tunnels of hopeful sensorial matter
link all the mirrors on earth and beyond,
we are all part of one larger being,
that will also fail while multiplying into
partitions of a wholeness until it stops,
and all matter will, inevitably,
degrade into proof of the impossibility of infinity.

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