sexta-feira, janeiro 22, 2016

Glitch Art as a Path to Digital Literacy



Going back through Nick Briz’s essay, I am trying to come up with a better understanding of digital literacy so as to better comprehend Glitch Art. The most explicit definition of digital literacy from the essay is that it is a “prerequisite for agency in the digital age” and as such, it transcends the parameters that limit individual agency in digital media. By asking viewers to practice glitch art in everyday life, Nick Briz is imploring viewers to reflect on what technology (and by extension, social media) isn’t designed to do and to glitch it to reclaim agency in one’s digital space. I personally interpret glitch art as an act of resistance in response to the idea that the conventional use of technology is the only functional use of technology.

Yes. I think that’s a good, accurate, interpretation of Briz’ message.

I wonder though, as he asks us to do a glitch at the beginning of the day, with our morning coffee….isn’t that kind of ridiculous in terms of being a political gesture?

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