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☛ God, Justice, Love, Beauty by Jean-Luc Nancy

Love opens onto a very great risk, but this risk is the measure of the incredible value we place on another per­son. We make him or her this valuable because we need to do so, because we receive something in return. Love tells us that things are never quite right with us when we’re alone. We’re not made to be alone, just as we’re also not made to be in large groups. This doesn’t mean that everything is automatically fine when we’re with another person. But when we are with him or her, we know that “something’s going on,” as they say. We are made to be in relation with another person, one with whom “some­thing’s going on”-something that’s never definable but that’s a real relation, in the strong sense of the word. I’m not saying that we are all, or always, made to spend our entire lives with one and the same person.

. It’s true, though, that love does say this “love ever after.” We do promise to love each other forever, but then sometimes it’s all over three days later.

But that’s part of the risk of this absolute commitment.

☛ God, Justice, Love, Beauty by Jean-Luc Nancy, tr. by Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas, Fordham University Press, [2009] 2001, p. 76

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