sábado, janeiro 23, 2016

landproject: “what does it mean being human in the future?”...


“what does it mean being human in the future?” “how to be seen?” “the in between as a potential for connection…” the constant transformation caused by a state of permanent transition was present in Eli Steffen’s questions for his curation of Gray Spaces @ the Wild Project, as part of the Contemporary Performance Network Festival, Special Effects.

While addressing some of these questions in our work, this version of LAND PROJECT / Placelessness (first developed in residence in October, 2015) took on the following premise: negotiating movement within the in-betweeness of the digital space, as a response to one of the themes of Gray Spaces - the ‎uncharted topographies of performance‬.

Where are you when you’re not here?! Where is here…?

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