sexta-feira, janeiro 08, 2016

“May I present to you two thousand eleven. Oh, no, wait...

“May I present to you two thousand eleven. Oh, no, wait a minute… Twenty Eleven”… 

…35 years back in time shows us Sam Klemke, filming his life every year of his life since 1977. The same year Elvis died and that the ‘Voyager’ craft was launched into deep space… While Sam continued to film and document his meaningless and ordinary life as an on the road cartoonist, the golden record - a self portrait of mankind, containing our best features, accomplishments and multi-cultural forms of expression - still travels across space (and soon will reach interstellar space where we will no longer have contact with it). It is about the need of understanding ourselves through something greater than ourselves, giving meaning to the meaninglessness… Sam never thought that his archive would get the attention it got. The golden record is, in fact, a misrepresentation of what we are. But both represent hope and the need to look back in time, to those time capsules, and realize that we are still foreigners to each other. To ourselves. Carl Sagan asked NASA to turn the Voyager camera backwards so we could have a picture of what we are… A pixel, a bright dot in the middle of nothingness. The idea of an extraterrestrial audience was at the time an excuse to compile information  about humanity at a certain moment in time. In the end, it’s about trying not to feel alone, it’s about indulging our obstinate nature of perceiving ourselves through representation  , about sending out a fragmented version of the whole and expecting that it is perceived as such.

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