segunda-feira, fevereiro 08, 2016

on video

As a result of the tool’s unprecedented usefulness, video conveys far too much information to be counted among the traditional plastic arts. It supports characteristics that would connect it more appropriately to the temporal arts of music, dance, theater, literature or cinema. Nor is it a tangible object, and fine art almost invariably is, but rather the ethereal emanation of a whole set of complicated electro-magnetic devices. In fact video is more an end than one specific means; it is a series of electronic variations on aa audio-visual theme that has been in continual progressive flux since its inception. For the purposes of art, video’s theoretical and practical possibilities are so inconceivably vast, its versatility so immeasurably profound and of such perplexing unorthodoxy, that even after a quarter of a century, the medium’s defenders are still struck with vertiginous awe as if glimpsing the sublime.

- Marc Meyer, Being & Time

from Tumblr

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