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Bruce Nauman Cruising To Drake On The Block © Legacy Russell,...

Bruce Nauman Cruising To Drake On The Block

© Legacy Russell, 2010

Music: Shut It Down, Drake

Bruce Nauman Cruising to Drake on the Block (2010) is a very public and private joke all at once. Yes, it is playful and supposed to make you laugh. Yet, its titling and questioning of what role “context” and “language” play in reading physical movement, it is also about space, about sexuality, about the parading of ones gender, toeing the line between public and private. Nauman made Walking in an Exaggerated Manner around the Perimeter of a Square (1967-68) and it rocked because it was contrapposto in motion, it was providing a new vehicle for sculpture’s S Curve. It was deeply art historical. Yet, it was also about dance, and exercise, and, contextualized in its era, it sprung out of a period of time where radical performance was gaining momentum. That piece, redone as public sculpture, or within public space, could very well be just a guy shaking his booty to Drake as he goes for his morning walk. What if that conversation could take place? What would it sound like—look like?


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