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OUR LINGAGES // Annie Abrahams (@e-stranger​ )

Performance in collaboration with Daniel Pinheiro, Isabel Costa,  Igor Štromajer, Outranspo (Lily Robert-Foley, Camille Bloomfield, Jonathan Baillehache), Jan de Weille, Helen Varley Jamieson and Rui Torres.


between the digital and emotion, a system of four present bodies within the limited space, expanded by writing of presences that flood the screen - characters in motion -. A translation process back and forth, in overlapping transformation. As #4 move in (dis)placement, role playing, agency on a mutable system of comprehension. Gathering, a communion, an electronic communion where (we) become together we intersect one another with words and gestures. a latent restlessness of syncopated movement. Dance, move leading to speech, to sound, to coded language.

– “Fragmentation is a way of living in a border” –

Arterial language, undefined, glitched, “The internet is my mother tongue”

<…is a language that a person has been exposed to from birth or within the critical period (source: Wikipedia)>

Parsing the intricate network of an enclosed moment in time - the time we share(d) together.

“participatory, collectively made, refusing hierarchy, a knitting together of artists and performers in the moment of the event, an erasure of the artistic ego, a practice, changing rules, choices, connecting, accepting the unexpected, it’s responsive, shared, collaboratively authored, open to all, working with temporal behavioural phenomena, a healing, an enactment, improvised, including environmental conditions, attentional strategies, instructions, protocols, an apparatus, a meeting, embracing the ordinary, rehearsing alternatives, re-hijacking therapy, exercising our relations to others, our social (in)capacities, exploring rituals, being together, concerns individuals and politics.”

- excerpt from the script

Ours Lingages / Readingclub / Electronic Literature Organization #ELO17

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2vLn0aj

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